ATU 425C: Beauty and the Beast


ATU 425C: Beauty and the Beast


Fairy Tales; Supernatural or Enchanted Relatives; Husband; ATU 425C


Originally written by Madame de Villeneuve, Beauty and the Beast is a tale about a merchant who comes across misfortune when he takes a rose from a garden for his youngest daughter, and draws the ire of a monstrous beast. In penance, he must exchange his freedom for that of his youngest, who goes willingly to honor her father. The youngest daughter, Beauty is made to live with the Beast, and falls for him, but after she becomes homesick the Beast nearly dies when she breaks her promise to return. This story is very similar to tales like East of the Sun and West of the Moon.


Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve


The Blue Fairy Book


Andrew Lang


French, German, English